Why blog? why me?

I’m a 20-something. A millennial. Caught in an early onset quarter-life crisis. Floating somewhere in between my teenage years and adulting. I’m a recent graduate, cautiously dipping my big toe in the pool of grown-up life, scared to plunge in, but hesitant to return to the towel (where the towel represents care-free living of course).

So why should I blog? And why should anyone be bothered to read it? The answer is simple, even though it can not be explained simply. Have you ever read an online article, or saw a funny meme, and thought: “that is SO me”. I often see online posts: “only students will get this…”; “twenty pictures young adults will get”. And I can associate with all of these. So that is what I hope to do here. That is why I am writing. For like-minded young individuals to enjoy my stories, and share their opinions with me.

I still don’t know what I want this to turn into. My life is not spectacularly interesting. I’m currently stuck in an internship, which is ending in a month’s time. So basically, I am…dare I say it…unemployed. I (again) live with my parents, after 6 years of independence due to studies.  I’m single, not because I choose to be, but because my partner of 2 magical years abruptly and unexpectedly ended it. I have many awesome friends.

So, yeah. I’m a normal 20something. Caught in a canyon. To my one side is my childhood. To my other is my future as a responsible grownup. I think for now I will splash in the stream down here and admire the steep cliffs on either side.fish-river-canyon


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